ANYone please make antisite or cafe for MC NAM

This guy who is worst MC in history who have everyday talk show with co-host MC choi and this guy have time to ruining GLOBAL TALK SHOW by only give japanese girls there likes fo eva,saori,junko time to talk and making this show japanese women talk show!These guy clearly love japenese and favor and worship them and yet hiding under name korean!This guy,s ancestor is japanese puppet who betryed us for their own good and we can,t do anything about this guy by complaine because now global talk show forum is closed!If you,re korean who want this japanese puppet mc to be gone please do your best to give harsh word for MC nam at his morning talk show forum alot!Please if you,re korean this gu is greedy ass who just want to ruin more show even he doing this everyday show!Let,s make morning talk show forum he does his anti site and cafe forum and leave your hate word much as you can!Anyone please make anti site or anti cafe for him too!There is one for even good celebrity so it,s disgust for all of us there is not one for mc nam hee suk!i,ll make it soon if there is one made soon so come and visit often and leave your word and send it to him and make him feel it!Be gone forver japanese puppet!Long live korea!God bless korea!