Samsung at stake

GM , with over 100 year history, filed for bankrupcy during the financial crisis. how darely anyone has not imagined it ever since GM became a world No.1 car maker. It is not the end. Another unbelievable story comes in here.  It is that Samsung plunged in crisis due to consumer’s protest, so called buyer’s strike, in the local market as soon as Samsung conquered the world market. Recently, in terms of home appliance market, Samsung , blowing SONY up, has such poisition as GM in the local market  as well as the global market. However,  it has been reported that opposition parties and private NGO claimed that  there are several smelling scandals Samsung is involved.  what a shame!!unfavorable development history of Samsung and the way of its exploiting subordinate companies  started being unveiled and spreaded including the way of the regime succession from Mr GunHee,Lee to his son. As long as it is the business matter in korea, ethic and historical background , as well as even how they grown up as well have been ignored. However, the former president Roh provoked  the recovery movement of fundamental ethic and basic right taken by Mr Lee Myung Park called as rat. The public believe that  Samsung , allegedly, has committed immoral things as much as it deserves current reputation and confince crisis in the local market.  Reputation of Samsung is going to fall to the ground?What’s worse, “Samsung seems to resist the customer’s protest and even crush them on the cooperation with the Lee adminstration” said a person familliar with the Samsung matter on the condition of anonimity.